NAMAC Joins the Conversation at ArtChangeUS REMAP: Detroit

NAMAC Joins the Conversation at ArtChangeUS REMAP: Detroit

REMAP: Detroit

NAMAC is a Core Partner of Arts in a Changing America—a five-year initiative exploring the dramatic demographic transformation of the United States and its profound impact on arts and culture. The mission is to reframe the national arts conversation by responding to the cultural assets of demographic change and creating opportunities for artists, organizers, and thinkers to advance cultural equity. One of the core programs is REMAP, a series of gatherings in cities across the country bringing together artists, activists, scholars, and cultural change makers to elevate the national conversation, shed light on innovative practice, expand networks, and create an ArtChangeUS environment of collaboration.

NAMAC Executive Director Wendy Levy participated in REMAP: Detroit and was inspired by the conviction of the communities in the rooms, the fearless examination of the challenges, and the celebration of the arts, in the broadest view, as an engine for transformation. It’s worth noting that ArtChangeUS (led by Roberta Uno) is transparent about how the conferences are organized; the methodology around curation and programming reflects core values. The Community Benefits Principles, based on organizing work done by folks in Detroit on their local Community Benefits Ordinance Proposal A campaign, are a powerful model for all of us who gather around art + culture. Check them out here, and check out the STORIFY from REMAP: Detroit below!

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