2 Upcoming Virtual Roundtables from NAMAC

2 Upcoming Virtual Roundtables from NAMAC


Don’t miss these two upcoming NAMAC Virtual Roundtables—an online conversation where your voice matters.

NAMAC Youth Media Roundtable II:

Monday, May 4th, 2015, 1PM PST/4PM EST
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After a badass kickoff conversation in March, we continue the work with the second NAMAC Youth Media Roundtable—Creative Alliances for Collective Action. The conversation is for Youth Media artists, organizations, practitioners and educators to learn more about the Creative Youth Development field and the recent policy agenda research published by the National Guild for Community Arts Education. How might Youth Media partner and collaborate with CYD to deepen our creative practice and impact in communities, build internal capacity and effect large-scale change on complex social issues?

For essential background information, check out newest issue of Youth Media Reporter for some great context, research and reporting by Aggie Ebrahimi Bazaz, Kasandra VerBrugghen, Kathleen Tyner, Lucia Palmarini, Allison Butler and others.

NAMAC Media Policy Roundtable:

Monday, June 8th, 2015, 1PM PST/4PM EST
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Join Casey Rae, Executive Director of Future of Music Coalition and NAMAC Executive Director Wendy Levy (with some special guests) to discuss the role of artists and the cultural sector in surveillance, open tech & data, net neutrality and freedom of expression.

While most agree that the first order of business for all is defending the FCC rule in the legislature, its time to think about the longer play, what’s at stake across sectors and how we move forward. If advocacy groups with the biggest email lists, lobbying and petition infrastructure get most of the funding, where does that leave the essential contributions of independent artists, creative producers and cultural organizations? Come share the story of the work you are doing—this conversation will be the kickoff to the creation of NAMAC’s Media Policy Hub—a project that will foreground and connect the contributions of artists, creative communities and cultural organizations in the fight for digital freedom.

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