Friday, July 23

Liberatory Design LAB




Time: 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. PT, July 22
Format: Workshop on ZOOM (limited to 30 participants)
Facilitator: Aimee Espiritu, M. Ed. (she/they)
Registration Link:

Join educator Aimee Espiritu, M. Ed., as she guides us through the fundamentals of Liberatory Design and how we can apply it to our storytelling! This lab will provide opportunities for participants to build deeper relationships, ways to embed content and learning that emerges into their work, powerful methods/tools for transformation, frameworks for visioning and executing intended outcomes, and creative leadership experiences that will catalyze collaborations and potential partnerships.

As creative storytellers, how can we move towards being more human-centered while making our media projects come to life? Through the practice of liberatory design, equity-centered artists and practitioners can begin to notice the larger historical context of oppression and opportunity inherent in the storytelling process.

  • The purpose of this Leadership Lab is to:
    • be curious and ask questions,
    • explore certain mindsets during the creative process,
    • gain a toolkit with the intent to practice diversity, inclusion, equity and ultimately, liberation.

Let’s discover how Media Makers can also be human-centered designers — storytelling FOR, BY and WITH people. By adapting the original framework for Designers, this is an invitation for Media Makers to NOTICE + REFLECT on the identities, experiences and embedded biases we bring to any storytelling opportunity.

  • In this session you will be introduced to the following process and practices:
    • Liberatory Design Process: An adapted design thinking process that includes steps that are essential to practice equity in  storytelling and media making.
    • Liberatory Design Mindsets: The goal is to develop the Liberatory Design muscles held within us all. When we build this muscle, everyone is able to share their story in community with others.
    • Liberatory Design Do Nows: These hacks are small actions you can take now to start practicing Liberatory Design in your storytelling.

It is not a requirement to bring a current or in-progress media project to be a part of this Leadership Lab. We do ask you to come prepared to speak to / reflect on any past or potential media projects. All experiences are welcome and will help shape this space.

*The Liberatory Design Process is adapted from the Stanford’s design thinking process and the National Equity Project’s equity leadership development approach.