by Performing Statistics: Mark Strandquist, Slater, Kate DeCeccio

#NoKidsInPrison is a national cultural organizing project that uses art to model, imagine and advocate for a world without prisons where young people are fully supported to be free. They believe youth prisons shouldn’t exist and young people most impacted by the juvenile justice system have the power to use art and storytelling to lead the vision toward a world beyond youth incarceration.

Mark co-directs Performing Statistics and has spent over a decade using art to help amplify, celebrate, and power social justice movements. As a creative director of Performing Statistics, he has worked with youth leaders to create immersive exhibitions, interactive public art, and multimedia projects that have helped advocates close a youth prison, directly engage system stakeholders, and share the dreams and demands of youth leaders with tens of thousands of people. Slater co-directs Performing Statistics as an Arts Administrator and Youth Advocate. With a studio practice that centers surveillance culture in America and how it intersects with the growing incarceration of BIPOC youth, Slater recently joined the team as Project Director with Performing Statistics. Since 2013 their background in Art Therapy and Arts Administration has placed them on many teams and campaigns across the nation that center abolition as the only option. “FREE THEM ALL”. Kate co-directs Performing Statistics as an artist & educator with a background in mental health. After teaching art in locked psychiatric settings, prisons and schools, Kate began working with Performing Statistics in 2016 as a teaching artist, then creative strategist & now a co-director. For over a decade Kate has focused on using portraiture for counter narrative, community storytelling & cultural strategy on behalf of abolition and collective liberation.