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The Media Policy Hub will aggregate the most current media policy news, research, legislation and campaigns.

The ALLIANCE advocates for its members and the independent media field by partnering with other national advocacy groups working on a wide range of cultural, intellectual property, and telecommunications policy issues. From supporting local and regional grassroots activities to making sure our voices are heard by legislators and policymakers on Capitol Hill,The ALLIANCE works to promote and protect the values of a free and independent media arts sector. We also strive to keep our members informed and energized about policy-related actions through news briefs, analysis and links to our partners’ activities, and on-the-ground stories from activists around the country.

The Media Policy Action Hub is in development! It will be the place where the most current news, research, legislation and campaigns will be curated, along with links to current petitions, and a live interactive map of civic actions, projects and events on topics related to Net Neutrality, Surveillance & Human Rights, Censorship & Freedom of Expression. When it’s ready for prime time, it will live right here. In the meantime,The ALLIANCE has done a lot of great policy work in the areas essential to Media Arts & Culture field. Check out the Resources section of this site subscribe to The ALLIANCE eBulletin for monthly updates in your in-box.

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A Public Works Jobs + Opportunity Initiative in Media, Arts + Innovation

The Context

We know that the creative industries play a major role in building and sustaining economically vibrant communities. We see evidence of the economic resilience emerging from thriving arts communities, and we know how arts organizations are providing jobs and generating revenue — and are often the cornerstone of tourism and downtown revitalizations.

In the recent Business and Employment in the Arts Report (Americans for the Arts 2015), data reveals the arts to be a formidable US industry. Nationally, 702,771 businesses are involved in the creation or distribution of the arts, and they employ 2.9 million people. This represents 3.9 percent of all U.S. businesses and 1.9 percent of all U.S. employees.

Given these statistics, arts training and education are critical tools in fueling the creative industries with arts-trained workers as well as new arts consumers. Alan Greenspan, former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman, notes, “The arts develop skills and habits of mind that are important for workers in the new economy of ideas.”  Clayton Lord writes that an explosion in the mobility of the workforce and a shift in the nature of work will soon catapult artists and creative workers to the forefront of the American economy — redefining where, when, and what people do to be productive economic drivers. The result will be a new era defined by creativity and anchored in the creative impulse.

The Challenge

The nonprofit arts ecosystem in the US is buckling under the weight of a lack of sustainable funding and resourcing — for the network of organizations that support, grow and sustain the field, and the artists who tell the stories we rely on to connect to the world. The time is now for a “new deal” – a WPA in the digital generation where artists, mediamakers and creative technologists are supported with:

  • • advanced professional development
  • • job and social entrepreneurship training
  • • subsidized mentorship and apprenticeship opportunities
  • • startup funding to build creative businesses, communities of practice, socially-beneficial creative initiatives and nonprofit arts organizations serving low-income communities
  • • public/private investment to hire and retain creative staff and cultural producers
  • • skills and tools to increase creative impact and social accountability


The Creative Workforce Development Initiative is envisioned as a model of social reform funded by visionary public, civic and private partners to build the energy, expertise and accountability that could transform the American economy, build resilience and fuel movements for equity and justice.  The Creative Workforce Development Initiative would be designed to deepen opportunity and sustainability in the creative sectors, move people out of poverty, instill hope, build abundance, energize our collective imagination, and work for equity and inclusion across the country.

Toward the realization of this vision, we are engaging a team of ALLIANCE members, advisors and policy strategists led by the Raben Group in Washington, DC. The first phase of the Initiative in 2017 includes:

a) Identifying federal programs, initiatives, and resources that could serve as opportunities to increase funding and sustainability for media and interdisciplinary artists;

b) Identifying and evaluating existing state-based creative programs that lead to economic development and jobs;

c) Identifying federal, state, and local training opportunities for artists and producers to increase their skills and relevancy for work in creative fields across sectors;

d) Evaluating the viability of the Creative Workforce Development Initiative as a vehicle for awareness leading to legislative change;

e) Developing strategies for effectively leading a collaborative, networked process and timeline to develop the Initiative;

f) Performing stakeholder outreach and interviews in communities across the country and on Capitol Hill to provide deeper insight;

g) Delivering an ecosystem map that distinguishes players, environmental conditions, and levers for change

Join us in this work.  Contact Wendy Levy, Executive Director,