The ALLIANCE Introduces the Cherry Red Ventures Program!

Our mission at THE ALLIANCE is to facilitate Collaboration, Innovation, Strategic Growth and Cultural Impact in the media arts field and beyond, and our new Cherry Red Ventures program speaks directly to the INNOVATION part of our mission. Through Cherry Red, the ALLIANCE will design and build new digital media apps and tools – and bring them to market. We intend to create products and profits that benefit the “creative public good” while helping to sustain the nonprofit programmatic activities of the ALLIANCE. Every product released by the ALLIANCE through the Cherry Red Ventures program will always have a free level available for the nonprofit community.

The first product set for release this year is CherryPIX. Using Augmented Reality technology, CherryPix transforms still photographs into moving stories. When users hold their phone to an image, the app reads the lines and pixels and triggers pre-loaded video content that provides a delightful, immersive and “like-magic” experience for viewers as the photographs seem to come to life. Members of the ALLIANCE will be the first to test the free version of the app, paid levels will be available for a broad user community, and a white label product for “powered by CherryPIX” clients will be available for organizations and institutions who want a custom experience. We tested the technology in 2016 with the Oakland Fence Project and are thrilled to be able to bring CherryPIX to market in 2017. The team working on the project includes AR developer Anselm Hook, photographer/videographerJJ Harris, UX designer AnneMarie Cordeiro and Googler/ALLIANCE Board VP Eric Doversberger. More information on CherryPIX soon!

The second product we will introduce in 2017 is Reportal, a joint venture between the ALLIANCE and Reportal is a digital case-study building tool. Using Reportal, users can aggregate written impact narratives with metrics (live or aggregated), photographs, quotes, press, video, social media feeds, timelines, infographics, and other data and visual assets. All content is arranged in a customizable photo-based grid on your unique Reportal website, viewed by clicking easy-to-read “buckets.” Each bucket contains “cards” with information and media content that you design – and can easily update over time. This is a tool to help artists and organizations report on impact in a way that stays relevant over the life of a project or initiative – articulating the power of the work as it transforms communities, delights audiences, embeds into the fabric of social movements, and changes the status quo. At this particular moment in history, we need authentic and powerful storytelling to go deeper and reach farther than ever before. Reportal will help extraordinary films and organizations show how the work we do makes adifference, and how the stories we tell lay out the pathways to justice.